About us

DEVADVISER is a worldwide provider of business consulting services specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365FFO/AX. We deliver exceptional service and sustainable value through consulting, software and IT implementation.

Rustem Galyamov


Our experience has been that when consulting firms tout specific industry experience, or industry specialization, it is more often than not, an empty promise. The fact is no consultancy can fully understand all of the unique nuances of a particular industry. Despite their best efforts, they will always be on the outside looking in. At Devadviser, we don't pretend to specialize in a particular industry.


Our consultants have deep experience in many different industries and we believe our customers can benefit significantly by us bringing different experiences and new ideas to the table.


Our team has implemented Dynamics AX for all types of customers across many different industries. We have successfully implemented some of the largest AX customers, as well as many mid-size companies. No matter what our customers industry or size, they all have one thing in common a significant investment in AX.


Devadviser is uniquely equipped to help customers get more out of AX for less.

Clients across many industries have realized business value and built a competitive advantage by partnering with Devadviser.